Making a padded kimono “home coat”

Last year whilst browsing YJA, I came across two fabric bolts for kimono home coats that had a diagram attached to them. Neither has detailed instructions on how it would need to be sewn but rather to cut the bolt to get the measurements that they provide. I didn’t buy them but I did save … Continue reading Making a padded kimono “home coat”

Making a Tonbi Kimono Coat: Pt 4

Read the previous parts:Pt 1. Drafting : *here*Pt 2. Cutting fabric & Assembly of the coat: *here*Pt 3. Assembly of the coat: *here* Now that the coat portion of the tonbi is pretty much finished, minus the collar, I turned to the cape portion of the Tonbi coat. As I mentioned in Pt 3, I’ll … Continue reading Making a Tonbi Kimono Coat: Pt 4

Building your collection: Excel spreadsheet

(Long post incoming!)As time progresses and your collection gets large in size, it’s often becoming difficult to keep track of every detail. In my case, with such an extensive collection, there is no way I can tell you everything exactly from the top of my head. Because of this, I’ve created an Excel spreadsheet to … Continue reading Building your collection: Excel spreadsheet

Why wearing proper or even original undergarments matters

Maiko kitsuke before I owned a proper jubanMaiko kitsuke after I owned a proper juban When you are starting out, buying all the items necessary for your first ensemble, you inevitably at some point will have to choose: Am I going to invest money on something and have the real deal or am I going … Continue reading Why wearing proper or even original undergarments matters